We can improve productivity, stimulate innovation and make it stick, improve work team performance, redesign work processes and speed up the adoption of new work systems, tools and technologies. Some of our best work has been identifying and dealing to complex, systemic and intractable problems.
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Charitable Trusts, NGOs

We have developed an Evaluation Methodology suited to New Zealand philanthropic and non-governmental organisations. Our Developmental Evaluation enables a Trust or NGO to integrate the evaluation, monitoring and reporting of its investment process, its engagement with providers and the impact of the service purchased, into the design and delivery of the service. Developmental Evaluation is intended to enable the funder to influence the nature, structure and operational behaviours of the provider through a data-driven relationship rather than a contractual command and control relationship.
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Crown Research Institutes

WEB Research has completed FRST projects in its own right and currently works in CRI led FRST Projects. We can provide a CRI with a range of research, evaluation, intervention, policy and technology transfer competencies, tools, and outcomes. Tools include Developmental Evaluation, policy and programme evaluation using action research and grounded theory development methodologies. The Co-design Laboratory process is particularly useful in assisting the creation, take up and transfer of new knowledges, tools and innovations in CRI and client group behaviour and practices.
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Public Sector

We undertake research for and research of policy. With the LMPG Group of the Department of Labour we developed a case-study based research methodology that provided rich data and insight for analysts and industry/firms/individuals.

We have also designed, tested and refined a developmental research methodology that enables policy and regulatory agencies to engage with the people, organisations or industries of interest to them in a way that enables the two parties to co-design the policy or regulatory artefact or action. This very sophisticated and innovative instrument is termed the Co-design Laboratory.

We also undertake evaluations of policy and policy or operational programmes. We evaluate the effectiveness of agency engagement and activity.
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Primary Industries

Our research methods (Developmental Research and the Co-design Laboratory) are particularly effective in generating collective motivations across whole industry groups for whole system improvement. We have worked with meat processing companies, meat and wool organisations and national agricultural and horticultural organisations.

We undertake evaluations and analysis of structures, systems, behaviours and relationships across the sector and between firms, farmers and processors.
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Tertiary Education Sector

We undertake research in tertiary education and industry training, offering consultancy in policy research and development, programme and outcome evaluation, in organisational evaluation and organisational development. We also work on skills and capability development projects in private sector businesses.
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We can provide a Board with performance reviews of principals, assistance with school self review (Quality of Service Delivery), strategic planning and schooling improvement support and facilitation, managing mergers and closures, including community consultations, and assistance with school reorganisation, area reviews and change of status or class.

We have experience of acting as specialist advisors and statutory managers (Personnel, Health and Safety and Curriculum) under Sections 78K and 78M of the Education Act. 
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